SimpleC4 Alexa skill

SimpleC4 Alexa control

SplashTiles now provides a free skill to control your Control4 system using more intuitive voice commands. Home automation should be simple. SimpleC4 is voice control without needing to check the cheat sheets. Plus, SimpleC4 is completely FREE! You don't even need a 4Sight license from Control4.

All you need to remember is:
Use the "set Watch" and "set Listen" voice commands to control your AV gear just like you would with a remote.
Your AV gear is referred to by device "TV". You can control volume, mute, and turn it on/off.
Your Lighting is referred to by device "Lights". Turn them on/off or set the percentage.
Use "set Event" to run any scenes or macros from your C4 system.
You can also use transport controls (Play, pause, next) with the device name


Note that you can control devices in other rooms by referencing the ROOM name in any command. For example, if you are in the kitchen but want to turn off the living room, say "Alexa, turn off living room light".

Setup instructions

  1. First install and setup our NetPlay Cloud driver on your Control4 system.
  2. Next enable the SimpleC4 skill on your Alexa account. Make sure the Amazon account linked to your Alexa uses the SAME EMAIL as your NetPlay Cloud account.
  3. In Control4, verify that the driver is configured and working properly.
  4. "Alexa, discover devices"
  5. All of your Control4 Rooms will now be Smart Home devices in Alexa. You will have 2 devices for each room, one a TV device and the other a LIGHT device.
  6. Now use the Alexa app to create "Groups" for each room in your house. In the Alexa app, under devices select add/create group. Then just follow the steps. Every room should have an Alexa device, and also your 2 Control4 devices for that room.
  7. That's it, enjoy!