SplashTiles Cloud API

SplashTiles Cloud 3rd Party Control drivers

SplashTiles is fully supported in Control4 when used in conjuction with our IRUSB hardware. Please refer to our IRUSB driver instructions to add SplashTiles to your Control4 system. Your SplashTiles "Screens" are mini-drivers which connect to your IRUSB drivers. Simply select your "Screens" from your Watch menu!
SplashTiles now offers the ability to fully control your Control4 system from any screen! Please install our NetPlay Cloud driver and follow the instructions in the driver to setup.
Please see our tutorial video for an example of sending on screens notifications via C4. SplashTiles also enables our FREE SimpleC4 Alexa skill to control your C4 automated home with more intuitive voice commands and without requiring a 4Sight license. Please see the SimpleC4 documentation.

SplashTiles is fully supported in RTI when used in conjuction with our IRUSB hardware. Please refer to our IRUSB driver instructions to add SplashTiles to your RTI system. Your SplashTiles "Screens" are directly selected in full screen or PIP mode using the commands on the IRUSB drivers.

SplashTiles is easy to integrate with IFTTT. Please see our video tutorial on creating SplashTiles applets. More information can also be found in our power saving recommendations.

Direct API automation:
SplashTiles can be directly integrated with nearly any device using the WebHook links shown on our online Control page. Please visit our WebHook automation docs for more details and ideas.

SplashTiles Cloud Voice Control

Alexa can control all your SplashTiles linked devices!
Just enable our SplashTiles skill. Full instructions.
If you use Control4, see our the SimpleC4 documentation.

Google Assistant:
Google Assistant can control all your SplashTiles linked devices! Google Assistant is supported as a trigger device by IFTTT. Simply create the Applets in IFTTT (follow the above video) and select Google Assistant as the trigger device.

SplashTiles TV Control

The SplashTiles app automatically supports CEC control of the TV when running on a decoder which also supports it (nVidia Shield, Amazon Fire TV & Stick, etc).
Make sure you enable CEC control in the decoder settings menu, and also in the TVs setup menu.

Turn on: The TV will automatically turn on via CEC when you use remote control to display a screen as full screen.
Turn off: To turn off the TV, first send the remote control command to display "none" as full screen. This will go to the Home screen on the decoder and will allow it to sleep (after the sleep timeout period). When the decoder (Shield or FireTV) sleeps, it will turn OFF the TV via CEC. You can configure the sleep timeout period in the decoder settings menu.

SplashTiles scripting adds the ability to send IR codes to control your TV (or other devices) if you have our IRUSB device connected.
You can either send generic HEX format codes, or any of our pre-defined codes. When using pre-defined codes, the actual IR code used is defined in the IRUSB app on each device. Pre-defined codes make it easy to send ON or OFF codes to multiple devices even though they use different IR codes.

SplashTiles Text to Screen (TTS)

Please see our TTS instructions

SplashTiles Overlay and PIP

Please see our Overlay and PIP instructions

SplashTiles Screen Saver setup

Please see our Screen Saver instructions

SplashTiles Notifications from Android devices

Please see our N4S instructions

SplashTiles Cloud API reference

SplashTiles Cloud API is an open and easy to use HTTPS GET API. You can use simple commands to fully control all your registered devices.
To develop your own applications or drivers using SplashTiles, please refer to our protocol documentation.

CameraBridge documentation

CameraBridge is our dedicated proxy server software to improve the compatibilty of your IP cameras. Please refer to our full instructions.

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