SplashTiles FAQ

Do I need a valid email and credit card for my free account or free trial? Free accounts do not require a credit card. For trials on paid accounts, you do need to input a valid credit card (with valid billing address) or use Paypal. Your credit card with be authorized for $1, but will not be charged unless to keep your subscription past the free trial period.
How many devices does my account support? Free accounts have no device limits. Paid accounts can have 5 devices per subscription quantity. To add more devices, go to our store and increase the subscription quantity (5 devices per unit).
Why am I suddenly seeing ads on my SplashTiles Screens? You have exceeded your 200 page views per month limit on Free or Lite accounts. Please upgrade to our Pro account for unlimited page views.
What is account verification? SplashTiles Free accounts need to be periodically verified to insure they are not being used by bots. You will be notified by email or on screen prompts when this is necessary. To verify, simply use a computer or tablet to login and then select Verification from the right drop down menu. Our paid PRO accounts do not require any periodic verification.
What happens if my internet connection is down? Devices running the SplashTiles app will automatically display your selected Offline Content when internet is unavailable. It will automatically return to your selected Screen when internet is restored.
Can SplashTiles scripts turn my TV on and off remotely? Yes, please see our reference docs for information.
My screens look different on my TV than on my PC. How can I adjust this? Your dashboard lists your PCs current window size in the lower left corner. Adjust your window to 1280x720 for the best match to your TV displays.
How do I setup screens for vertically mounted TVs? SplashTiles is the perfect solution for vertically mounted TVs. Please see our documentation.
Will SplashTiles Cloud work on touch screen TVs? Absolutely! Please see our documentation for examples and instructions on how to create these great interactive experiences!
Will SplashTiles Cloud work on tablets and phones? Yes, our SplashTiles app works on most modern Android tablets and phones (including full remote control). Devices with non-Android OS can also display your SplashTiles screens using a web browser, but will not have remote control. You must DISABLE the LOCK SCREEN if you want to use remote control for a tablet or phone.
Can I forward my Phone notifications to SplashTiles? Yes, if you have an Android device. Please see our documentation.
Will SplashTiles Cloud work on PCs? Devices with non-Android OS can also display your SplashTiles screens using a web browser, but will not have remote control.
Will SplashTiles Cloud work using a Raspberry Pi? Raspberry Pi 4 or 3 can be setup as a display kiosk for SplashTiles. Please see our Pi setup.
My stocks, news, or weather reports are not loading. Why? Many of our Tiles that are fetching data from other web services (news, stocks, etc). These services limit the amount of data users can access over a period of time. These services use a string called an API KEY to identify unique users. Our Tiles come with a default API KEY that is shared by all users. Sticking with the default key means sometimes the data limits are going to prevent your Tile from accessing data.
These Tiles have a parameter for your own API KEY as well as links on how to request these free keys. Just follow the directions and copy/paste your personal key into the Tile. That will make sure you can always access the data you need.
How do I transfer screens between different accounts? From your Dashboard, the "File" menu has the "export" and "import" functions. First copy the Screen to transfer to your Dashboard, then use the "export" function to create an XML file of that Screen.
You can then use the "import" function on the new acccount to import that XML file to your Dashboard, and then save as a new Screen.
I accidentally pushed a tile off the edge of the screen. What do I do? You can temporarily make your grid larger (menu bar). Once you move your tile back, set the grid to your preferred setting. Tiles will not snap outside of the maximum grids.
Can I overlap tiles? Yes, you can. The "newer" tile will be the one on top / in front (one created last).
You don't have a Tile for the service I want. How can I add it? Most external web apps and data services can be added to SplashTiles using our "External" tile. Just select that tile and put in the URL for the web site / service you need. If that service has an embedded "iframe" option, those URLs work best.
You can also use our feature request support ticket system to request specific new Tiles or changes.
How can I add live HDMI video and RTSP cameras to SplashTiles? To support full home distribution of live HDMI video including SplashTiles and more, please upgrade to NetPlay Home. Please see our system estimator for a quote today.
How long does a script run on a device? When you execute a script via remote control, the script is sent to every affected device which then runs the script locally. The script will continue to run until one of these events occurs. 1. The script reaches the end and is not set to loop. 2. You force close the SplashTiles app (you can use other apps while it runs in the background without cancelling the script). 3. You manually select a different SplashTiles screen or send a different remote command. 4. You power cycle or reboot the device (screen blanking is ok). 5. You enable the lock screen on the device.
Can I use SplashTiles to automatically turn on/off my TVs to save power? Absolutely! Please see our power saving guide.
How do I put my SplashTiles screens on the Home screen of my Android device? SplashTiles will automatically create a custom channel for your Home screen on Android TV or Recommended content on Android. Please see custom channels for more info.
How do I make my custom SplashTiles screens my default screen saver? Please see our screen saver instructions for details.
Can SplashTiles be displayed over an HDMI input? Yes, this is possible with the right hardware! Please see our HDMI overlay instructions for details.
Why do overlay and PIP modes require special app permissions? Overlay and PIP mode allow SplashTiles to display over your Home screen and other apps. Malicious apps can use features like this to confuse users. Android prevents this by requiring explicit user permission to allow apps to use these features.
How do I grant the required app permissions for overlay mode? Please see our overlay and pip instructions for details.
How do I open and close overlay or pip windows? Please see our overlay and pip instructions for details.
Can I sideload SplashTiles on my Android device if I want to? Of course! Please download our current SplashTiles APK. If your device does not support Google Play services or Amazon Appstore you can still use Scheduling, but live remote control will not work.