Android Notifications for SplashTiles

Notifications for SplashTiles is an Android app that allows you to automatically push your Android device notifications to your SplashTiles Cloud account. You can use this to automatically pop up selected notifications on all your connected TVs!

Notifications for SplashTiles is a FREE with your SplashTiles subscription!

Most common use cases:

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Notifications for SplashTiles app on Google Play

How do your different notifications work with SplashTiles?

  1. The text, images, or full html notification is pushed from a source to your secure SplashTiles Push Data storage
  2. A SplashTiles Script (custom designed by you) is triggered to display your notification Screen (custom designed by you) on any or all of your connected display devices
  3. The notification Screen can either automatically dismiss after the set time limit, or be dismissed directly by the Back button.

Notifications for SplashTiles app is only available on Android devices. Apple devices do not support notification forwarding by apps.

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