Camera Tiles

Cameras tiles can add IP camera feeds to your SplashTiles screens. Camera tiles are configurable resolution and support up to 10 fps (MJPEG) or 5 fps (JPEG) with low latency. If you need full frame rate RTSP or HTTP video please upgrade to NetPlay Home.

Camera Tiles support

CameraBridge Tiles support
CameraBridge Secure Tiles support
All SplashTiles Camera / CameraBridge tiles support

Setup instructions
First select the appropriate tile:

Add the selected tile to your SplashTiles dashboard:
  1. Background color is normally not seen unless you are using 'contain' mode in param2. Set your background color to fully opaque if using this tile in Overlay mode (for best performance).
  2. Param1 sets the Camera URL
    • If using authentication, format is 'http://username:password@originalURL'
    • Using a lower resolution JPEG / MJPEG URL improves performance on slow device or complex screens
    • Most cameras allow adding '?resolution=640x480' to the URL to control size. Google your camera for specific syntax.
  3. Param2 sets how your camera will be displayed
    • default: Cover entire tile while keeping aspect ratio (will clip edges)
    • contain: Scale to tile while keeping aspect ratio (will not clip edges)
    • fill: Cover entire tile (will not clip, aspect ratio will change)
  4. (CameraBridge) On CameraBridge tiles, Param2 also sets the IP address and optional Token of your CameraBridge server.
    Enter this as 'default,192.168.1.x' for regular or as 'default,,yourtoken' for secure.
  5. Param3 sets the refresh interval (fps) of JPEG URLs. 200-500 is recommended for local cameras. 1500 for external cameras.
    IMPORTANT, set this to -1 for MJPEG.