SplashTiles requires 'Display over other apps' permission for overlay

This FireOS device requires you to use ADB to provide this permission

  1. Enable ADB on your device:
    1. From the home screen of your Fire TV, select Settings.
    2. Select My Fire TV > Developer Options.
    3. Turn on ADB Debugging.
  2. Setup ADB on your computer (Note USB drivers are not needed since we use network connections)
    • Linux: sudo apt-get install adb or download the zip file and install
    • Windows: Download the zip file and install
    • Mac: Download the zip file and install
  3. Connect to your device using adb connect IP_ADDRESS
    IP_ADDRESS is the ip address of your FireOS device.
    You can find your device IP address from Settings -> My Fire TV -> About -> Network
    The first time you connect, your Fire TV will ask on-screen if you should allow this connection. Enter "yes and remember this device".
    You may need to run the adb connect IP_ADDRESS a 2nd time if it took you a while to do the last step.
  4. Run the needed commands (via adb shell)

    adb shell appops set com.videostorm.splashtiles SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW allow

  5. Disconnect with adb disconnect