Tablets for SplashTiles

Android or Fire OS tablets make great display devices for SplashTiles!

Screen design considerations
Your SplashTiles screen will automatically be sized for tablet. However, since the physical screen size is much smaller than TVs you should consider these tips when designing your screens.

Remote control
Tablets are remote controllable just like your TVs! To enable fully hands free control:

  1. Keep your tablet plugged in (either corded or wireless charging)
  2. Disable the Lock screen. This is usually in Settings -> Security -> Lock screen type -> None. Not all tablets allow you to disable the lock screen. If you cannot disable the lock screen, remote control cannot turn ON the tablet.
  3. Selecting a SplashTiles screen remotely will turn on the device screen. To turn off the screen, select screen "None" remotely. The screen will then automatically turn off after the screen timeout duration elapses.